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generate the clicks, likes and engagement you deserve

With powerful social media strategies

In today’s world, social media is essential for every business

Whether you’re entering the market or dominating it

Who we serve

  • HoReCa brands
  • gyms, parks and recreation centers
  • real estate brokers and agents
  • medical centers and private practitioners
  • beauty centers
  • local fashion brands
  • global enterprises

Ready to master your social media game?

UMG Marketing Group has been creating buzz around local and global brands for over 10 years

UMG in the media

social media is where your customers are

When you ignore social media marketing, you’re leaving thousands of prospects untapped:

  • 1.28B
    Over 1.28 billion active users on Instagram
    Over 2.96 billion active users on Facebook
    *According to
  • 700M
    Over 700 million users on Telegram
    TikTok generated 3.8 billion U.S. dollars in consumer spending in 2023
    *According to

Social Media Marketing is your opportunity to capture their hearts and attention

Our team has been helping brands to uplevel their social media strategies for over 10 years, and successfully delivered results for small brands, nationwide companies, and global enterprises.

We are ready to take care of everything, from creating viral content and leveraging the latest trends, to winning the love and attention of your audience.

Request a consultation today and get discovered


Here’s how we help you reach your maximum potential on social media:

  • Build your brand identity, identify your core messages and define your UVP

  • Discover your audience’s desires, fears, motivations and create your ideal buyer personas

  • Create a strong content strategy designed to attract and engage followers

  • Leverage free and paid advertising tools to expand your reach

  • Partner with local and international influencers to spread your message

  • Help you monetize your platform, create and launch products that resonates with your audience

  • Work with direct feedback to strenghten your reputation and build trust within your community

  • We constantly monitor your insights and test new strategies to help you get explosive results

We constantly monitor your insights and test new strategies to help you get explosive results

Reach out to receive a social media audit and personalized tips on how to improve your content strategy.

Why partner with UMG?

  • 10+ years of SMM expertise

    Our team has been crafting successful social media strategies for brands in the USA, Russia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. We know what it takes to monetize your social platforms and make the most out of your advertising budget.
  • Tailor-made strategies

    Whether you’re a top electronics manufacturer, a national brand, or a small family bakery, our experts will craft content strategies tailored to your specific needs. We’ll adapt marketing tools and channels to help you achieve the results you’re aiming for. And beyond!
  • Empowering your team

    We design personalized training programs for your team, complete with plug-and-play scripts, instructions, and checklists tailored to your organization. So that your team has the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to manage and support your social platforms.
  • Holistic marketing solutions

    From building your social media profiles and create powerful content, to working with influencers and launching targeted campaigns, we’ve got you covered! Sit back and let us take care of all your marketing needs.

Don’t let your profits slip away! Local businesses lose up to 80% of revenue if they neglect these crucial marketing tools:

  • Target Audience Research

  • Content Marketing

  • Social SEO

  • Marketing funnels and auto-funnels

  • Facebook advertising

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Short-form & long-form video content

  • Reputation Marketing

Case studies

  • Multidisciplinary Healthcare Center “5P Medicine”

    Comprehensive social media strategy development and integration


    design a powerful marketing strategy, optimize the company’s Instagram for future advertising, educate their in-house marketing experts on current SMM tools and practices


    • + 365% reach growth
    • + fully optimized Instagram account, ready for future promotion
  • International Congress of ICCMO

    Marketing strategy and website development for an international congress of dentistsrn


    design a bilingual platform (Russian and English) to allow conference guests to sign up for events, manage their itinerary, pay for masterclasses and book their stays.


    • 1000 registered participants
    • Convenient acquiring for customers from different countries

Ready to become the world’s next success story?

Let’s turn your vision into reality!

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