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Streamline your business with smart CRM solutions

In 2024, every company needs a CRM system

UMG Marketing Group’s been implementing CRM systems and making life easier for businesses for over 10 years.

Who we serve

  • HoReCa brands
  • gyms, parks and recreation centers
  • real estate brokers and agents
  • medical centers and private practitioners
  • beauty centers
  • local fashion brands
  • global enterprises

We help you go from ‘I don’t need a CRM, it’s too complicated’

to ‘How could we possibly live without a CRM before?’

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What’s a CRM System?

A CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) is software helps you manage all company interactions with customers in one place.

CRM is a lifesaver for your business.

It provides executives with complete control and clarity on what’s happening in the company and helps your team members manage orders, communicate with customers, and keep records more effectively.

Even better – a sales automation system will do routine tasks for your employees and minimize human error.

strive for more revenue?

A smart CRM system is the key to achieving your goal:

  • 300%
    CRM will help you boost your lead conversion rates by up to 300%
    Companies already using automated systems have seen a 40% increase in average order value.
    *According to Forrester research
  • 75%
    Increasing customer retention by just 5% leads up to a 75% jump in revenue
    91% of companies with 11+ employees already use CRM systems
    *According to Bain & Company

CRM’s help you guide a buyer through the entire sales funnel – from first impression to purchase, and beyond.

Can you research, select, set up and fine-tune a CRM system on your own? Absolutely!

But will the process steal the time and effort you could’ve spent crafting your star products? YES!

UMG Marketing Group will help you save time and avoid growth-hindering mistakes. We offer end-to-end CRM implementation, ensuring a perfect match for your business.


Our expert team will:

  • Alignine our CRM solutions with your company's strategy and goals

  • Work with your team to understand their needs and biggest challenges

  • Craft an effective sales funnel based on your CJM

  • Choose a CRM system that fits your specific needs and objectives

  • Integrate the sales funnel into the CRM for efficient tracking and management

  • Centralize your website, messengers, and phone systems

  • Automate order processing, email campaigns, and reporting

  • We equip every employee with the skills to leverage CRM in their daily tasks

We equip every employee with the skills to leverage CRM in their daily tasks

A strategic CRM system will amplify your productivity, customer loyalty, and sales.

Why partner with UMG?

  • 10+ years of CRM success

    With more than a decade of dedicated expertise, we've crafted 21 tailored ecosystems, streamlined sales processes for 43 enterprises, and connected businesses with over 10 million leads across the globe
  • Ready to fix your CRM issues

    If your existing CRM isn't delivering profits, causing complaints, or simply not working, we're here to step in and revamp the system. 
 We handle it all! So you don’t have to navigate the complicated tech jargon and implementation details.
  • Empowering your team

    We design personalized training programs for your team, complete with instructions and checklists tailored to your organization. So that your team has the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to operate your new CRM software properly.
  • Trusted by CRM brands

    We connect you with proven brands that we trust and use ourselves. UMG is a long-term partner of CRM software brands worldwide. Which means? Exclusive discounts, bonuses, and opportunities that we’re happy to share with you

We hand-pick your CRM solution to ensure it aligns seamlessly with your company's unique needs and features:

  • Salesforce

  • AmoCRM

  • Proxima

  • Bitrix24

  • Zoho

  • Modme CRM

  • Monday CRM

  • Megaplan

Case studies

  • Multidisciplinary Healthcare Center “5P Medicine”

    Comprehensive social media strategy development and integration


    design a powerful marketing strategy, optimize the company’s Instagram for future advertising, educate their in-house marketing experts on current SMM tools and practices


    • + 365% reach growth
    • + fully optimized Instagram account, ready for future promotion
  • International Congress of ICCMO

    Marketing strategy and website development for an international congress of dentistsrn


    design a bilingual platform (Russian and English) to allow conference guests to sign up for events, manage their itinerary, pay for masterclasses and book their stays.


    • 1000 registered participants
    • Convenient acquiring for customers from different countries

Want to see your numbers grow?

Let’s turn your vision into reality!

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